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Andy Burger, Chief Commercialization Officer, has 30+ years of online/retail brick and mortar experience. Prior to OMNI ePARTNERS, Andy spent 4 years building a $2.5B managed services business from scratch. Before building the managed services agency, Andy co-owned his own U.S.A. based manufacturing company called Ekobrew (patent holder for the refillable Keurig K-cup). The team at Ekobrew built the business and sold it after becoming the #1 item on Amazon (grocery) and Walmart (small housewares) brick and mortar at the same time. His background also includes 8 years at Amazon in Consumables where he was part of the team that was responsible for the first $1B in Grocery vendor central sales. During his time at Amazon he was part of the thought leadership that produced the systems and tactics that Amazon uses with vendors today. This included Negotiations, Pricing Strategy, Selection, Compliance, Marketing, and Fulfilment, to name a few. Before Amazon, he worked for H.E.B. Central Market for ten years helping design and buildout their natural and specialty foods concept stores.

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